Why Did My No Wax Floor Lose Its Shine?

December 6, 2009

Have you ever wondered why your no wax vinyl floor you bought many years ago has lost its shine?  The other problem we see is why when we wax our vinyl floors it needs it again in a very short time. The answer is often found in basic chemistry. If you’re using one of the store bought cleaners purchased from a big box store the cleaner may be removing the shine you so desperately desire.

In a school if we want to remove old floor wax we use a stripper. The chemical PH on these products is on the alkaline side. Most brand name floor cleaners have a high PH in dilution. When you clean your floors with this on a regular basis you’re removing the shine from your floor. You should be using a floor cleaner with a neutral PH. It will do a great job cleaning the floor and won’t attack the shine.

The best news it’s incredibly cheap. Depending on brand you only use two ounces per gallon of water. At our St. Louis Cleaning Supply Store a gallon costs $13.44 a gallon.  Lastly more is not better when using cleaning chemicals. Get a measuring cup and use the products as specified

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