How to save money on cleaning supplies

September 28, 2010

I think today more than ever people are trying to save money on everything they buy. Well today I’m going to give you some money saving ideas that will greatly reduce the amount you’re currently spending on cleaning chemicals.

The cleaning chemicals you’re currently buying are most likely ready to use. Concentrates are the same cleaner but you supply the water for the correct dilution. Just to give you a real life example lets say you’re able to buy glass cleaner at your local grocery store for $1.99 a quart which is a really good price. Now lets really go out on a limb and assume this glass cleaner really works. A commercial alternative is The Pill by Unger a West German manufacturer of professional window cleaning equipment. This pill when added to water makes 2 1/2 gallons of ready to use window cleaner. You’ll pay $.99 a pill so if you break down your costs compared to the grocery store glass cleaner it would come in at $.10 a quart. I’ll give you an example of a green alternative. Hydroxi Pro is a Green Seal certified cleaning chemical. A gallon of the concentrated product costs around $35.00. The dilution ratio for glass cleaner is one ounce to a gallon of water. A gallon of this product will make 516 ready to use quarts of glass cleaner. Your cost per quart would run $.07 a quart. Thankfully this product is used for many different cleaning tasks. By changing the dilution to 10 ounces a gallon of water you can clean toilets, soap scum, grout, remove carpet stains, and cl.ean carpet

The shelves are full of great products to clean any task imaginable, and they’re all concentrates. Where can I find these high quality products? Why at your local janitor supply company. The professionals cleaning the local bank, office building, or grocery store use these products. I guarantee when professional window washers are working you won’t see them pull out a ready to use bottle of glass cleaner procured at the local market.

Save money and time by using professional grade products. Water thankfully is still cheap, and abundant. Buy the concentrate cleaner and add your own water.


Here are some great websites with more info: www.okvac.com

http://www.cleaningsolutionssuperstore.com/details.php?prodId=102&category=9&secondary=33&keywords= and www.askauntpatti.com

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