Vacuums made in America

April 16, 2010

The vacuum cleaner was invented here in America and brought to market by the Hoover Company. Most of the leading brands of vacuum cleaners were made here in America. Hoover, Eureka, Royal Appliance were all made in America and used to be recognized for their quality. Sadly just as in the electronics industry the jobs have moved overseas. People in England used to call it Hoovering their carpet instead of vacuuming.

Their is one company moving the other direction. Tacony Corporation headquarted in Fenton Missouri decided 10 years ago to move production of some of their vacuums from Korea to Missouri. I’m proud to say they have continued this move until just a small handful of their products are still being made in Korea. The management of the company has stated their goal is to move all production to the United States.

The products are sold under the brand name Riccar and Simplicity. Compare these products to any vacuum made and you will see they have great quality. The vacuums carry lengthy warranties and have great features. You won’t find them in the discount stores because their factory isn’t that large. They choose to sell their products through independent dealers who will stand behind the products they sell.

Here at O.K. Vacuum it’s our number one selling line. Drop me a line if you have any questions. Please buy American when ever possible.

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