Vacuum bags for older vacuums

December 27, 2010

I’ve noticed over the years that finding vacuum bags for all the different vacuums made over the years is pretty tough. If you buy your vacuum at a big retail chain you may find they don’t carry your vacuum bags or filters anymore. The reason for this is their shelf space is very valuable and vacuum bags don’t generate the dollars to justify the space. Selling vacuums on the other hand does because of the much larger ticket price. Ask your self would you buy a car or a major appliance if you knew you would have difficulty getting parts for it?

I guess I should be happy the larger stores choose to operate this way. It allows O.K. Vacuum to sell a tremendous amount of bags. We specialize in the hard to find vacuum bags. Just because you bought that Hoover Constellation in the 1960’s you should be able to get bags for it. By the way it takes a J bag and we do have them in stock. The only time we get really stumped is when the manufacturer no longer makes the bag and all the vacuum parts houses we deal with also stop making it. This doesn’t happen often but unfortunately it occasionally does.

You can increase your odds of always being able to get vacuum bags by not purchasing a vacuum from a company that is new to making vacuums. History is full of companies who thought they could make a vacuum but ended up going out of business. Also beware the infomercial. It looks great on TV when the guy is using it but it’s often a nightmare experience getting parts, service, or help after you buy it. I hope you find this little bit of information helpful.

                                                                       Rich at OK Vac

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