Tips for keeping your Dyson Vacuum running

March 9, 2011

Dyson’s collect dirt in a plastic reservoir not a bag. As such it’s very important to keep your filters clean. Because there are different models, refer to your owners manual for filter location. You also should replace these on an annual basis for optimum performance. When you unplug your vacuum from the wall do not yank the cord to pull the plug out. This results in the plug pins coming out and remaining in the wall socket. When you wind your cord do not pull the cord tight on the cord hooks. You put stress on the cord restraint where it comes into the machine. Also once a month turn your Dyson over, and check the rotating agitator bar. If you see carpet fiber, or hair wound around the roller use a razor to cut it off. If you fail to remove this it will work its way to the ends of the agitator. Then the agitator will become unable to spin freely resulting in replacement of the belt, clutch assembly, and possibly the agitator itself. Lastly replace your belt annually. Belts aren’t designed to run forever, and you need to keep proper tension on the agitator for your machine to function properly. I hope this information helps you to keep your Dyson running trouble free. For more information on vacuums, and vacuum repair click http://www.okvac.com/.


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