Removing Pet Urine with salt

December 12, 2010

A lady came into our store with a vacuum repair, and I must share this story. Her dog had gone to the bathroom on her carpet. One of the major morning shows featured a guest who shared home cleaning tips. According to the lady this guest had recommended pouring salt on pet urine in the carpet then vacuuming it up. This poor lady used her $600 vacuum to vacuum up the pet urine, and salt. We were able to fix this ladies vacuum, but her repair bill was $160.00. Our mechanic had to disassemble the motor, and disinfect all the parts of the vacuum that came in to contact with the salt encrusted urine. The sad story gets even worse because this home cleaning tip didn’t remove the urine from the carpet. I’ve been in the cleaning industry since 1978, and I’m always amazed at the half baked solutions to cleaning problems promoted by people. Your vacuum is designed to vacuum dry dirt, and vacuuming anything with moisture will not only ruin your vacuum it is an electrical hazard. I’ve checked the internet, and you can find this salt on carpet recommended to remove pet urine. Please don’t do it. Hope I helped you today.


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