Frieze Carpet a vacuum that works

August 11, 2010

I’ve increasingly had customers come in to our St Louis retail store with Frieze carpet. It’s a very plush carpet that is sort of similiar to the old shag carpet of my generation. The customers I’ve spoken with have tried central vacuums, less than 8 lb vacuums, and just about every other vacuum out there. The reason these vacuums don’t work is they’re all self adjusting. This won’t work on Frieze carpet where you need to raise the height level of the vacuum up. The great news is I’ve found a vacuum I have recommended at least a dozen times and it’s solved the customers problems every time. This vacuum is made by Riccar here in America and it’s called a Radiance. The vacuum is an upright vacuum with a tandem motor system (two motors), and an extra high setting. You need the extra high setting so your agitator doesn’t get bogged down in the carpet. The tandem motor works because you get the suction and air flow needed to deep clean the carpet. This vacuum has onboard tools and comes with a 5 or 6 year warranty depending on the model you buy. Just think a great product, made in America, with a six year warranty.


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