Drywall dust and your vacuum

March 7, 2011

Using your vacuum to clean up dry wall dust is a recipe for disaster. The composition of drywall dust is so fine it goes through your bag, and clogs up your filters. Drywall dust will make your vacuum run hot, and often causes your motor to burn up. We’ve taken apart many brands of vacuums used to vacuum drywall dust, and the dust is through out the inside of the motor. The manufacturer will not warranty your vacuum if they examine it, and find you have used it to vacuum drywall dust. I recommend people needing to clean up after construction projects, including drywall dust purchase a shop vac type vacuum. These vacuums have a bypass where the dirt goes right into the can. Make sure you clean the motor filter frequently because even these vacuums can be destroyed by drywall dust. We call drywall dust the number 1 killer of vacuums.

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