Customer Service

August 7, 2011

I’m just totally frustrated with the lack of customer service in this world. Think about going to a fast food restaurants where it takes 15 minutes to get to the counter, order your food, and then they hand you a tray. I’d say 15 minutes isn’t fast, and what you’re given is not quality food. The people working at the restaurant hate their jobs, and they take it out on you the customers. How about airline travel? You get nickeled, and dimed for every little thing. Checking a bag, a pillow, window seat, food, drink, and more all have a price attached to them. You also get the privledge of someone either looking at your naked body, or getting groped as you go through security. Think about it you’re the customer, and this is how they treat you.

The reason we’re treated poorly is our own fault. We accept poor service. We’ve come to accept a box on a shelf, we read the label, select the product, go to a self checkout lane, buy the product, and hope like hell it works. We don’t even get mad when it falls apart ,or doesn’t work. Start voting with your pocketbook, and wallet. Frequent businesses that care about, and appreciate you as a customer. You have the power to fire the biggest company in the world if you stop buying their products. History is full of the names of large corporations who are out of business. They forgot who their boss was, and they thought they were smarter than their customers.

I work at a small cleaning products company in St Louis.Every employee from the owner on down knows they work for the customer.  We’re celebrating 50 years in business because we care about our customers, and strive to provide solutions to their problems. We ask questions when our customers come in so we can better understand their needs. We carry packages out for the ladies. We sell vacuums, and we assemble them at no charge. When you buy a vacuum from us we will fix it if something breaks, and we are the warranty dealer. We carry bags for vacuums we sold 50 years ago, and will always carry vacuum bags for a vacuum you purchase from us. We have a money back guarantee if a product we sell you doesn’t perform to your standards. Our employee’s actually like their jobs, and are treated like family. Stop in and visit us to see what I mean at O.K. Vacuum in St Louis. Visit our website at www.okvac.com for free cleaning information, and to learn a little more about how different we are.


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