Bagless vacuums versus vacuums using bags

January 31, 2011

We sell vacuums that are bagless, and vacuums requiring bags at our retail store in St Louis Missouri. We also service both types of vacuums.O.K. Vacuum and Janitor Supply has been in business for 50 years so I’ve seen just about every vacuum made come through our door. I want to illustrate some of the benefits, and negatives for each type of vacuum.

I’ll look at bagless vacuums first. Dyson has done a great job of promoting bagless vacuums to the public. Their commercials are well done, and play on the frustrations people have with their current vacuum. Hoover, Eureka, Bissell, Dirt Devil, and Royal also manufacture bagless vacuums. The obvious benefit of a bagless vacuum is you’ll never have to buy bags for it. The average household uses about a bag a month so you’ll save $20 to $30 a year in bag expense. You’ll also eliminate any trips to the store for the express purpose of buying vacuum bags. Now I’ll give you the not so good benefits of owning a bagless vacuum. Your filters in your bagless vacuum are critical to the performance of the machine. The first time you use your bagless vacuum you start to impact the filters with dirt, and fine dust. As you restrict the filter with accumulated dirt you lose suction. It’s a simple  engineering principle of vacuums. There is a direct correlation regarding the cubic feet of air flow per minute a vacuum moves through it, and it’s performance. If you are meticulous in cleaning your filters after every use, you’ll still never be able to totally clean them to new status. As a result your performance will steadily decline as you use your vacuum. If you read your owners manual they recommend replacing the filters annually. The price of a Dyson pre- motor filter is around $35, and the washable exhaust filter is another $35.00. The washable filter can be cleaned, but it begins to fall apart the more you wash it. The Hoover filter in the dirt bin is around $36.00. This filter isn’t washable. Many of their machines have a secondary exhaust filter on the side you also need to replace for around $13.00 more. The Royal, Dirt Devil, and Bissell are very similiar in cost to the Hoover. I recently had a customer who purchased a Dyson from a large chain store, and was told she needed to buy an air compressor to blow the dirt out of her filters. The service department in our store by far has more bagless vacuums coming in for service than vacuums using bags. The mechanics tell me the single biggest reason is clogs. If you impact the filters with dirt your vacuum can’t move the dirt into the collection bin. It gets caught in the hose, and won’t pick up. Because of the clog you’ll heat up the motor causing the machine to shut off, or if it doesn’t have a thermal shut off you burn up the motor. Keep in mind if you follow the manufacturers directions exactly you’ll spend more a year on filters than bags, and you’ll have a machine that loses suction as you continue to own it.

Vacuums using bags have negatives also. It seems you always run out of vacuum bags right in the middle of cleaning. Also when you go back to the big box store where you bought your vacuum they don’t carry the bag you need anymore. Lastly you need to know the bag letter type your vacuum uses, and it’s hard to remember if you only buy them once a year. The reason the big box store doesn’t carry your vacuum bag is they don’t make much money on these, and don’t care. They in reality hope you buy a new vacuum figuring you can’t get bags anymore. The answer is to buy a vacuum using bags from a store specializing in vacuums. Your purchase will be entered into their data base so if you forget the bag letter they can look it up for you. Your purchase, and satisfaction will be important to them. Most importantly with a bag every time you change it you start with a brand new primary filter. Your vacuums ability to move air, and function won’t be impacted with a new bag in place. I know it’s a pain to run out of vacuum bags but I have a little secret to share with you. Vacuum bags aren’t like bread they don’t go bad over time. I hope this information really helps you. If you want more information on vacuums or cleaning check out our web site at okvac.com or for free how to cleaning video’s askauntpatti.com.


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