What is the price of free soap dispensers

April 19, 2011

If you are in charge of purchasing for a facility, and your friendly janitor supply salesperson offers you free soap dispensers for the latest greatest new soap ask yourself, is anything in life truly free? What you don’t know is the dispensers remain the property of the soap manufacturer, or the janitor supply company. It locks you into buying soap from that salesperson. Soap from other manufacturers will not fit those dispensers, and even the same soap from another company won’t fit because the manufacturer makes sure every distibutor of their soap has a different tip. The tip for that distributor will only fit his dispensers so they can’t load another distributors dispensers. Now when you analyze this situation who benefits by this program? The distributor, the sales person, and the manufacturer. Who’s the big loser in this equation? Unfortunately it’s you, the end user who gets higher prices, and locked into doing business with one company. I hope this gives you some ammunition when your sales person presents you with the deal of the century.


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