Stinky front loading washing machines

October 10, 2011

I know many of you are saying what in the heck is he talking about. For those of you with front loading washing machines this post will make sense. I think it’s the design of the machine but over time the washing machine starts to stink. It must hold water some where that  starts to smell. We have a front loading machine, and I can attest it is a problem. You can easily fix this by adding an ounce or two of an enzyme to your laundry once a week. I spoke to an administrator of a nursing home, and they add an enzyme to every load of laundry they do. She explained because of the elderly population it really helps to keep the machines smelling fresh along with the laundry. I’ve tried this at home, and recommended it to many of our customers at our retail store. The feedback I’ve received is it solves the problem. I hope this helps those of you who have this problem.

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