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April 12, 2010

Have you ever had a problem finding vacuum bags for your vacuum? It’s a very common problem and, I can explain why. When you purchase a vacuum from one of the large retail chains they don’t have a financial incentive to carry bags and filters for the life of the vacuum. The buyers for these stores allocate space for products by how much revenue per square foot is generated. Unfortunately vacuum bags and filters don’t generate enough. You’ll find when you buy a vacuum the bags will be available but in a couple of years no. Ask yourself if you’d buy a car or major appliance from a company knowing in advance there won’t be parts available from the company who sold it to you.

The other way consumers get stuck is buying a vacuum from an infomercial. Often times these are companies testing the waters on a new model being considered for production or someone who thinks they can invent a better vacuum. the history of vacuums is littered with the names of companies who made vacuums and either went broke or decided it wasn’t for them.

This actually works out well for O.K. Vacuum in St Louis. We do a brisk business in vacuum bags for vacuums not made anymore. The Hoover Constellation you purchased in the 1960’s we have bags for. It’s a J bag in case you wanted to know. The only way we get truly stumped is when the manufacturer no longer has bags in inventory and all of our many sources for parts also don’t make them anymore. I hope this helps you and if I can help you find hard to find vacuum bags drop me a line.

                                              Rich at O.K. Vac

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