Pet odors in concrete

July 16, 2010

I had a school district where the boys restroom of an elementary school could be smelled from the front door of the school. You’re probably asking yourself what does this have to do with pet odors in concrete? Well my friends the problems are really the same. If you take unsealed concrete and over a period of time you allow urine to soak in you’ll have a smell.

The solution is the same in both cases. Obviously you should clean the surface with a good all purpose cleaner. The next step is what will eliminate the odor. After cleaning mix up one ounce of Arena disinfectant/cleaner to a gallon of water and spray it heavily on the surface. In the case of the little boys room spray the walls, urinal, floor and any place you suspect they may have sprayed. The basement where the pets were kept while the owner was at work should have the entire floor treated. Allow it to soak into the concrete and air dry. You should do this every day and in a week you’ll notice the smell has disappeared. The reason is you’ve killed the bacteria causing the odors. You can get this product in our St Louis store or order it online at www.okvac.com


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