It's time to polish the silver

December 15, 2011

The holiday season is upon us, and it’s traditional to use the good china once a year at Christmas. This also usually means polishing the silver if you haven’t sold it already. With silver hovering around $37 an ounce it’s a thought, and just think you’d never have to polish it again. I can remember my mom spending hours polishing the silver for the big Christmas dinner. I can make it a little easier with a home made cleaning solution, and I can also recommend a fantastic commercial silver polish. The home made solution calls for lining your kitchen sink, or a glass baking dish with aluminum foil. Fill with hot steaming water, 2 tablespoons of baking soda, and 2 tablespoons of salt. Place the silver in the solution so it’s touching. You’ll see the tarnish come off. Buff with a soft dry cloth to remove any water spots. The commercial products I love the best are Porters Friend Silver Polish, and Flitz. This stuff will polish your silver so it gleams. Watch a short video of the process by clicking here. Before using the silver on the big day I’d give it a quick run through the dishwasher to remove any of the polish on the silver. If you’re storing it both these products will prolong the shine of the silver.

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