Is your toothbrush making you sick ?

December 1, 2011

If you think about it most people brush their teeth at least twice a day. After brushing your teeth we take the wet toothbrush that has been in your mouth, and we simply rinse it off. Do you really believe rinsing it off in running water gets rid of all the nasty germs found in your mouth off your toothbrush? Researchers say we should be replacing our toothbrushes on a frequent basis especially if we’ve been sick. It stands to reason if you’ve been ill it would be easy to reinfect yourself from the germs found on your toothbrush. They also recommend allowing your toothbrush to air dry rather than putting it into a tube or case. The reason for this is bacteria love dark ,moist, confined areas with no air movement. You can also help kill germs on it my dipping it into a mouthwash solution like Listerine. Lastly because our toothbrush is normally stored in the bathroom make sure your toilet is always flushed with the lid down. Flushing your toilet with the lid up can make the bacteria in your toilet airborne  for up to a distance of 20 feet, and it can remain in the air up to 2 hours. This would be like dipping your toothbrush in toilet water before you brush your teeth. I hope you find this information helpful.

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