The removal of phospates from dish detergent

March 30, 2011

The last two months I’ve had at least 20 people stop into our retail store in St Louis wanting to buy commercial/institutional dish washing detergent. I finally inquired why they were specifying commercial dish detergent. It turns out while the American, and Canadian public were sleeping our governments removed phosphates from dish detergents. They made an exception if the dish detergent was commercial/institutional. I guess they don’t want us eating off dirty dishes when we go to a restaurant. The problem as I’ve been told is dishes are going through the cycle with the new phosphate free detergent, and they’re still dirty. The glasses have a film on them, and the dishes feel greasy. I would think that with three wars, unemployment at 10%, one out of eight houses vacant, and a national debt that’s crushing the public our government could spend time on solving bigger problems. The public is demanding the return of their phosphates. I recently added an 85 ounce box of a leading brand of dish detergent with phosphates to our St Louis store to help the poor folks who have to have their phosphates. I fully expected lines stretching around the block when I got to work this morning waiting to get their phosphate dish detergent. Unfortunately there was no one waiting for me when I opened the door, but I did sell two boxes last week. So if you need your phosphate dish soap fix I’m your guy.


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