Hardwood Floor Maintenance. What You Need to Know.

December 6, 2009

We have lots of people coming into our store wanting to know the best way to maintain a hard floor. This floor could be wood, stone, vinyl, tile, or ceramic. The one common maintenance procedure all these folks should be doing is dust mopping their floors. Dust mopping removes the gritty dirt tracked in on shoes from the outside. This type of dirt works like sand paper on your floors if not removed.

Have you ever been in a store or maybe your own house where you could see the traffic pattern on the floor? The floor will be shiny on the edges but dull in the middle where people walk. This is a result of foot traffic with gritty dirt left on the floor. Dust mops can be cotton, nylon, or micro fiber. I recommend nylon or micro fiber because they don’t require a dust mop treatment chemical. The nylon dust mops come in many different sizes.

They require a frame and a handle to use. The dust mop will last a very long time and is washable. I tell folks to refrain from putting it in the dryer because it will shorten the life of the dust mop. The other kind of dust mop is micro fiber. They are becoming more popular and most home owners prefer them because of ease in use. The micro fiber pads come in many different sizes.

Once you determine the size best suited to your needs you need to match it up with the corresponding handle and paddle. The handle and paddle are one piece. The handle telescopes out so people of various heights can use it. The paddle has grippers on it to hold the micro fiber pad in place. The micro fiber pads are very washable but for long life air dry. Stop into our St. Louis Vacuum and Cleaning Supplies store and let us help you with the right size dust mop for your needs.

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