The removal of phosphates from dish washing detergent

March 24, 2011

I guess I never paid much attention to the removal of phosphates from automatic dish washing detergents. It was recently mandated by our government, and I wasn’t even aware of it. We have a large show room where we sell cleaning products. I’ve had at least 20 customers come in requesting commercial/institutional dish washing powder for their home machines. I finally inquired as to why so many people wanted the commercial dish washing powder. It seems commercial dish washing powders are exempt from the ban on phosphates. The people who are requesting it say with out phosphates their dish washing machines are becoming clogged with mineral /hard water deposits. We’re a unique company in that we’re open to the public, and we have a nice showroom in a very nice neighborhood of St Louis. I did some research on the subject, and what the folks are telling me is true. I decided to give the people back their phosphates, and have added an 85 ounce box of a leading brand dish detergent with phosphates to our show room. I expected huge crowds outside our store, and a mad rush for the dish detergent with phosphates. So far it hasn’t happened but then I only put it on the shelf yesterday. If you gotta have phosphates in your dish detergent I’m your guy. I bet I could build an empire just providing people who have to have phosphates in their dish soap. In the meantime if you can’t find it anywhere else contact me through our web site www.okvac.com and I’ll hook you up.


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