Using Entrance Mats to keep dirt out

March 22, 2012

Have you ever noticed the mats placed at the doorways at almost all public buildings. The mats you see are commercial quality, and depending on the size can cost a lot of money. Why would a grocery store, or a bank go to the expense to put matting on the inside, and outside of all their entrances. Studies have shown that it costs $650 to remove one pound of dirt from a public building. This cost is made up of the equipment, cleaning products, and the people hired to clean the building. The reason public buildings use entrance matting is to catch the dirt at the door. The gritty dirt you track in on the bottom of your shoes works on your floor surface like sandpaper. Look down your hallway, and you might notice the center of your hallway is not as shiny as the sides. This is the normal traffic pattern in your home caused by the gritty dirt on your shoes. Using a good mat program can catch the dirt at the door. Believe it or not this can save you time in cleaning, and money due to the wearing of your floor surfaces.

If you decide to buy some mats for your home don’t get them from your local big box store. The mats they have at their entrance are  a better quality than the ones they have for sale to the public. It’s a little surprising they won’t use the products they sell to you, but then the products used to clean the store after hours aren’t the same as the cleaners sold on their shelves either. You’ll need to look online, or find a local janitor supply company. This is where you’ll find high quality mats that will last you 15 to 20 years. Two great mat companies are Andersen Mats out of Georgia, and 3M out of Minneapolis. Mats come in standard sizes, and can often be custom cut. Try to make a standard size fit because a custom cut mat is a more expensive proposition. Standard sizes come in 2’x3′, 3’x5′, 4’x6′, and many others. You can also order a mat with your name, message, or logo for an additional charge. Many logo’s are already in their library. Logo’s like your college or branch of the service are readily available.You’ll want a scraper type mat for outside your door, and if it’s open to the elements make sure it’s an outdoor mat. The inside mat is usually more decor sensitive, but don’t let it’s good looks fool you. It’s job is to finish the job of getting the dirt, and moisture off your shoes. Now that you have your mats you have to take care of them. Periodically you’ll need to vacuum them or turn them over to empty them. If you don’t your mat will become loaded with dirt. In the event your mat becomes heavily soiled with grease, or mud you can wash them outside using a garden hose, mild dish detergent, and a soft brush. Care for your mats, and you will have them a long time. The foot traffic coming into your home is a fraction of what a public building experiences.

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