Removing red wine from carpet

May 4, 2010

Red wine in carpet isn’t the catastrophe most people think it is. The first thing you want to do is blot as much of it out of the carpet as you can. I like using an old white towel cut into rags for this. You should press down on the spot to draw as much of the wine out of the carpet as you can. Rotate the towel or switch to a clean one until nothing more comes out.

Now it’s time to get the red wine out of the carpet fibers. We sell a carpet spotter called Unbelievable. This spotter is as close as I’ve found to a one product removes most carpet spots. Spray the product on the red wine spot and agitate the spot towards the center so you don’t spread it. Once you see the wine releasing from the carpet fiber have your trusty towel available to lift the spot. It’s important to press down on the stain and draw it out of the carpet.

Stains that magically re-appear are due to wicking. If you don’t get all the stain out as the carpet drys it will bring the stain from the bottom of the carpet up the fibers much like a candle wick. You can avoid this by making sure you draw the stain up into the towel and repeating the process as necessary.

This product retails for $10.78 a quart. It’s a product everyone who has carpet should have in their house. It will remove most stains you encounter. One last thing after you use any chemical including this one flush the area with a little bit of water and blot it up. This ensures you’re not leaving any chemical residue in the carpet.

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