Removing gum and candy from carpet

October 26, 2011

Halloween is almost here, and I was asked by my good friends at Fox 2 here in St. Louis to do a segment on television about removing gum, and candy from carpet. I have many friends who tell me upon discovering gum in their carpet they were forced to cut it out. I have others who tell me they tried to get it out using ice cubes. Unfortunately you can’t get the gum cold enough before the ice melts leaving a wet puddle on your carpet with gum stuck in it. If you’d like to see an easy quick demonstration on removing gum out of carpet click here. If you have children like I do it may be candy you’ve found in your carpet. I always recommend using a teaspoon to remove as much of the solid material as possible. A good all purpose carpet spotter sprayed on the spot, agitated with the back of the spoon, and blotted out with an absorbent rag will do the trick. If you’d like to see how it’s done on live television please click here. I hope I helped make carpet stain removal a little easier.

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