Removing coffee stains from carpet

February 16, 2012

Everyone loves that first cup of coffee in the morning. Unfortunately if you’re like me you’re carrying two cups of coffee back to the bedroom ( you do bring your wife coffee in bed don’t you), and you have a dog that just loves to get under your feet. I’ve had some truly impressive coffee spills on my carpet. I bet they qualified for the coffee spill hall of fame. I’m lucky because I’ve worked in the janitor supply industry for 34 years, and I know how to get coffee out of carpets. There is a great product sold by janitor supply houses that works like magic.  I want you to click here to see a short video of exactly how to remove it. Yes there are tips, and tricks to removing coffee from carpets. You can always not watch the video, but when you do it wrong, and spread the stain you’ll wish you had.

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