Green Cleaning Products

August 27, 2010

I think if you ask just about anyone if they want to use green cleaning products most people would answer yes. The problem up until recently has been two fold. First the products were priced higher, and second they didn’t work very well.

There is good news. The public has become more environmentally conscious, and this has caused companies to come out with products that really work. The commercial cleaning products industry has implemented Green Seal certification. It’s a pretty rigorous standard to meet. I’m familiar with a company making great products. The company is Core Products and they’re based out of Texas. They make a grout cleaner, glass cleaner, and a cleaner for soap scum and mineral deposits. All of these products are in quart bottles and are ready to use.

Now I’ll let you in on a little secret. This company also has a concentrate called Hydroxi Pro available in gallons and quarts. Many professional building contractors and home cleaning services use this. They buy it in Gallons and run it through a dispensing system with matched bottles for the task at hand. The dilution rate for glass cleaner is 1 ounce to a gallon. This means your cost at the correct dilution would be in the neighborhood of 3.5 cents a quart. I’m sure you’re probably paying less than this for glass cleaner at your local grocery store. Not! Let’s say you want to deep clean tile and grout. The label calls for a 10 ounce to one gallon of water dilution. Lets say you’ll use the whole gallon to get the job done. This will cost you around  $5.50 for a gallon of the product. You can spot carpet, clean showers, mop floors, eliminate odors, extract carpet, clean glass, and more with this product using one of two dilution ratios. It’s green and it works. If you’d like to see this product in action go to www.okvac.com and watch cleaning grout, cleaning showers, or cleaning bathroom mirrors under the video’s. The secret ingredient is hydrogen peroxide combined with other chemicals. I’ve tried to find out, but I’m being serious here, if you look under ingredients it says some are proprietary trade secrets. I only know they really work.


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