Why are there so many different colored floor pads?

October 18, 2011

Floor pads come in all shapes, and sizes. You can get them in 6″ size up to 27″ size, and every size in between. The size of floor pads are based on the size of the buffer you use. The color of the pad you use is based on the job at hand. The rule of thumb is the darker the color of floor pad the more aggressive the pad. Black being the darkest color. It’s the pad you’d use if stripping wax off of a floor. The lightest color pad is white, and it’s equivalent in softness to a lambs wool pad. Green, and Blue are usually used for cleaning or scrubbing the top coat of wax off a floor. White, tan, light blue, natural fiber, champagne, and yellow are all polish pads. They can be used on low speed machines turning 175 RPM up to burnishers spinning 2500 RPM to achieve the wet look shine. Floor pads are used on wood, tile, stone, concrete, or any composition floor you have. Floor pads, and the machine are part of a system involving chemicals. You utilize all three to achieve the desired result.

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