Dryer sheets and their many uses

April 11, 2012

I know many people use dryer sheets to freshen, and soften the fabric on clothes in the dryer. What I bet you don’t know are the many other uses for dryer sheets. If you’re like me, and your tennis shoes have a little odor problem after the morning run put used dryer sheets in them when you put them away. They’ll absorb the bad odors, and leave your tennis shoes smelling fresh. You can also put a dryer sheet under the seat of your automobile to give your auto a fresh smell. Use dryer sheets in the bottom of your trash can under the garbage bag or put them in your diaper pail to mitigate some of the funky odors escaping. If you place a dryer sheet inside an new roll of toilet paper it will freshen up your bathroom. Having a wet dog coming in after being outside can smell, well like a wet dog. Rub your pet down with a dryer sheet before allowing him entrance to your castle. Place a dryer sheet in your suitcase before you put it away to ensure a fresh smelling suitcase the next time you travel.

If you get a pan with burnt food at the bottom just soak it overnight with a little dish detergent, and scrub it in the morning using a used dryer sheet. It will also keep pesky mice away. Find out where they’re getting in and stuff dryer sheets in the hole. Mice can’t stand the fresh smell of dryer sheets. They will also keep deer from munching your flowers, or your vegetable plants. Cut them in strips, and tie them to the plant. Deer will stay away from any plant having a dryer sheet on it. They also work well as bug repellant. You can wipe a dryer sheet on your clothes, or tie one to your belt loop to keep mosquito’s away. Dryer sheets work great to remove the bugs who decide to commit suicide on your car windshield. Wet your car down with water, and soap. Use a dryer sheet that has already freshened your clothes in the dryer to get those dead bugs off your windshield. Cleaning soap scum off the walls of your shower can be easier using a dryer sheet on the wet surface. I hope these tips prove useful.

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