Cleaning Your Shower to Remove Soap Scum

December 12, 2009

Cleaning soap scum and mineral deposits from the shower is a breeze if you understand their chemical composition. They are alkaline by nature and should be tackled with a cleaner containing an acid. Most good bathroom cleaners have an acid in them, (normally phosphoric) and a thickening agent so they’ll cling to a vertical surface.  If you try to remove an alkaline soil with an alkaline cleaner you’ll be doing some serious scrubbing before it comes off.

Spraying an acid based cleaner from the top down and allowing it to dwell on the surface for a few minutes usually only requires you rinse it off with the shower head. If you have a heavily soiled shower you may have to agitate it with a rag or soft brush. This process works well on sinks also. The cleaner I recommend is Mineral X. Always read the label on the product, and use it according to manufacturer’s directions.

Also if you’re cleaning natural stone in the bathroom do not use this product or any acid for that matter. There are special products designed to be used on stone and only those products should be used as you can damage the stone if you use anything else.

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